The Email that Inspired This Site

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I’ve received many emails mistakenly addressed to me. Various people have missed job offers, party invitations, PTA meetings, and, in at least one case I remember, booty calls.

A few months ago I received a shirtless mirror cellphone pic from yet another person with the same first initial and last name who was obviously trying to email himself so he doesn’t forget what he looks like between trips to the bathroom.

I politely but firmly emailed him back “thanks, but i’m not buying whatever you’re selling.” because I try to be courteous the first time.

This morning I received another email from this idiot with another shirtless mirror cellphone pic.

look at me! now look at you! look back at me!

hi! i don't remember what i look like unless i have a photo of me!

Once is a mistake. Twice is an invitation to troll.

I also sent a link to this post back to this man to thank him for the inspiration. If I receive a reply I’ll post it here.

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