Ecstatic Dance in Santa Fe

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“Hey, Ronnie, is the mike turned on?  Test, one, two three….test, one, two, three…”
Maybe my email is not working.  Thought I would resend this email regarding volunteering work for the benefit of promoting embodydance.  Waiting for some feedback.  TMI or what? “Is there anybody out there?”
On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 2:54 PM, Kevin XXXX <> wrote:

Greetings Everyone,
Several weeks ago a sign up sheet was passed around during the closing circles of our dance.  The folks on this list have offered some volunteer time to try and help promote embodydance.  I wish to express my appreciation for those of you who can share some of your time and energy to this end. Thank You!!
Basically, there are four areas or groups that need to be filled with the volunteers.
They are:
1.    Publicity Distribution and Outreach.  Tasks such as placing fliers on billboards at many locations in town and possibly handing them out as well.  A map of Santa Fe and surrounding areas will be broken down into districts and based upon where a volunteer lives or can get to easily, fliers can be distributed.
2.    Publicity Contact Group.  People who have contacts with various news agencies and other multimedia forumns/publications could do well in this group. The expression, “it is who you know” is apt here.  The Reporter, radio stations, internet group sites etc.
3.    Booth Contact Group.  With all the various activities in Santa Fe there are many opportunities where booths could be set up to help promote the dance, especially showing our cool ED video.  The farmers market, buckaroo cowboy/cowgirl country type thingeee event, the various art events on the plaza, indian, spainish markets etc.  We could use people in this group who can contact the appropriate persons to arrange for set up at the booths including, booth costs, permits and any other necessary logisitcs.
4.     Fund Raising Group.  People who have creative and imaginative ideas for fund raising and who also are gifted at “manifestation of abundance” could do well
        in this group.  Last year at my son’s school, they had at least four bake sales, a big parking lot sale and cleared almost $5,000.
This is a brief description of the four groups and there specific funtions.  I will be the volunteer coordinator working with the embodydance general manager to try
and get this process up and running.  Please remember this is a work in process and glitches will probably come up….and thats ok.
As Sister Theresa often reminds us “There Are Many Possibilites”.
Please take some time and consider which group/area you feel like you would be best at volunteering given your time, energy, vehicle availibility and committment.
If every one put in 4 hours a month, that is eighty hours (twenty volunteers) per month total and that is a good start.  Please, email me back indicating your group
pick and we shall get started on this volunteer project.
Blessings and many thanks to all of you,
Kevin XXXX
Kevin -You have the wrong email address for at least one person in your group. Please remove my email address from further communications as I have no idea who you are and have no desire to contribute to your efforts.Also, it is poor etiquette and a breach of personal privacy to email a bunch of people directly. Consider using the bcc field or create a google group mailing list.

Good luck.

You are removed, thanks for letting me know.
Believe it or not, emails are in the public domain, whether a person
chooses to respond or not, that is their concern.
– Kevin

Kevin –

My original point was about etiquette, which has little to do with public domain [1].

You collected email addresses from a bunch of people.
You then exposed those email addresses to the entire group without the explicit consent of each individual involved. Personally, I am offended because you gave a bunch of strangers my email address without asking me if that was OK, and now that bunch of strangers, with no ill intent but with negative consequences for me, can simply hit the “Reply All” button and start a chain of responses from which it is very difficult to extract myself. There may be other, legitimate recipients on your list that prefer to have more control or the desire
to opt out completely.

I admire your desire to promote your passion and learning how to do so in a way that respects the people you wish to involve will take you further [2].

I am bccing the entire original list to make my point more effective [3].

– Eric

[1] You seem to have a poor understanding of the term “public domain” and you may embarrass yourself if you continue to use it in that way. Consult an intellectual property lawyer or wikipedia for more information.
[2] There may be some correlation between your lack of etiquette and the lack of response from recipients.
[3] I apologize for involving the rest of you, but I thought you should be aware of the possible consequences of letting Kevin involve you in any kind of collective action.

At this point I figured the damage to me was already done, so I might as well start trolling for my own amusement.

Hi Eric,

I can’t speak for Kevin, but either there was a typo resulting in your email being included in this email, or you signed up for it then changed your mind; I want you to be assured that there was no evil intent on Kevin’s part to include all the addresses as visible, but more likely a simple lack of knowledge on his part on how to suppress the list. I am trusting you will understand that this was an honest mistake. I hope your obvious anger is channeled in directions that are best for you as a person. Embodydance Santa Fe is an ecstatic dance community that has existed for more than 11 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico; the list Kevin sent to was garnered at our dance from people wanting to help spread our presence out to the community. No worries on your part; your name will no longer be CC’d to or sent to directly.

If you enjoy free-form dance and live in Santa Fe, give us a try:

And a note to Kevin: I would be happy to distribute flyers.

All good things to all,
So it is!



John’s response was humble, intelligent, and intended to allay my concerns, and if this had been the final communication from this group I would have lost interest.

hi kevin,

welcome to animositydance. i’ve been dealing with it for a long time and no matter what you/i/we do in the name of community building and good faith, there’s always someone within the community who’s going to hurl sh*t @ you.

you can do a bcc (blind carbon copy, but i wouldn’t think that would be necessary since people signed up to be part of a group of volunteers.

also, regarding no response…, remember that @ animositydance the only response is a bad one, otherwise you won’t hear from anyone. i sometimes call it the SETI project (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence).

my heart goes out to you for your efforts, and energy. i actually put in my resignation today. i don’t know when the news will be announced, or if anyone from the cc has even read the email, so perhaps wait until it’s “official” but want to let you know since we were going to be working together.  i’ll help however i can over the next few weeks. then i’m pau hana (“done work” in hawai’i).

love and light,

Marka –

You replied to me instead of Kevin.
You compound Kevin’s mistake.

I didn’t sign up for your list. Either someone used the wrong email address when signing up, or Kevin made a mistake. Either way, I AM NOT PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY. I do not want your emails.

Ecstatic dance is a form of self-expression and I respect all forms of self-expression. I’ve been to Santa Fe and came away richer for the experience. I don’t judge your cause. I do, however, judge your stupidity.

This started as a polite request to be removed. Now I’m enjoying being a troll and having some fun at your expense. I’m bccing the rest of your community again to show the perils of ignoring email etiquette.

– Eric

Can someone take this clown off our email list?

– Janet

Various emails, some intended to chastise me, some intending to solve the problem but including me in the distribution, and some that were just hypocritical drivel about love and respect, continued to arrive for another few days.

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