Re: FS or trade Datsun 210

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On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 12:07 AM, Rex xxxx <> wrote:
> I'm sorry I don't think this is the kind of trade I'm interested in.
> I was sort of thinking more of a pneumatic splitter for firewood.  Any
> leads???
> Thanks I agree that's a hell of a car.  I also have a lab.  Her name
> is Ruby.  She's a chocolate.
> Rex
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 11:58 PM, Edward xxxxx III wrote:
>> This is for the add below on the craigs list:
>> I see what you have and I like it. Ill tell you I once drove out
>> to Harney county in one of those Datsuns, our just a few bits past
>> Frenchglen just me and my good ol dog (a lab) and we shot grouse and
>> rabbits and otherwise got filthy drunk.  Goddam that was a good car. I
>> could lay out and sleep in the back there with Cheeto (my lab) and it
>> was like heaven. The cayotes (sp?) theyd howl at the bones wed left
>> around the fire and Id shoot out the window and give them a good
>> scare.  Cheeto ddn't like it of course but the dirty dogs thay were
>> spooked.
>> So down to busness. Ill be honest and straight with you i don;t have
>> all the cash righ tnow. I see you can trade too and I wonder if we can
>> make a deal.
>> I have $263 in cash right now and I'll trade you that plus a perfectly
>> good .22 rifle (reliable scquirel gun).  Plus I have a case
>> (almost) of those Blazer's championship  7-up bottles from when they
>> won the champinship in the 1970s. Of course theres no bubbles in tem
>> but they are a collectors items!  I dont know how much they are worth
>> though to be honest with you.  $100?
>> Also I have two perfectly good sleeping bags, militart style, that
>> will keep you warn.  Probably $50 right there. I also have dozen of
>> railroad tyes for landscaping and also the original in the cover first
>> Van Halen.  I won it at the Wahsington county fair in 1978 may be I
>> was with a girlfiend, we were working picking berries and I won that
>> record for her. But I ended up keeping it becuase she didnt like it.
>> Its a collectors item and I won't be surprised if its worth on EBAY
>> $200.
>> What do you think can we make this happen?
>> Edward
Thanks, but I'm not in the market for a Datsun and I'm not Edward xxxxx III.
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