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My name is Kelsea xxxxx and someone from my team recently spoke with you about volunteering for the Obama re-election campaign. I believe you are interested in traveling to NH to canvass, are you available next Saturday 9/29?

We will also be phonebanking this week to recruit other volunteers to attend, on Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30-8pm in downtown Montpelier. We could definitely use your help then as well if you are available.

If you could either respond by email or give me a phone call at (805) xxx-xxxx that would be great! I will also try giving you a call back early this week if I don’t hear from you.

Kelsea xxxxx
Fall Organizing Fellow
Obama for America- Vermont

from: xxxxxx@gmail.com
1:21 PM (0 minutes ago)

to: Kelsea xxxx

Kelsea –

I’m so glad to hear back from you! I love President Obama and have almost all of his books on tape!

When I spoke with your team member he said that $25 per hour was the usual going rate. Also, I will need regular smoke breaks (I call them Barry Breaks) and I would be very happy to organize some basketball tournaments for the other campaign workers so we can all follow President Obama’s example!


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