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from: Genevieve P
to: me and three other people
subject: Eva,Genevieve, Sam,Kaitlin, and Jeff Christmas Paper

Participating in religious and optional festivities is an important part of the Christian faith. These revelries may include creating a birthday cake for Jesus, placing an angel at the top of a Christmas tree and participating in a mass celebration. In controversy, optional; festivities may incorporate baking goods for Santa, using a genuine tree and putting up decorations. Also, part of the Christian faith, is to go a Christmas mass at midnight. The midnight mass mainly lasts from 1-3 hours and consists of traditional rituals. In the usage of a birthday cake for Jesus the pastry is decorated and a happy birthday song is sung in dedication to Jesus. Occasionally, an angel is placed at the top of the tree, because they are believed as holy figures in the Christian faith. Before the arrival of Christmas day, one may choose to bake goods for “Santa.” The common treats include milk and Christmas cookies.     

A common tradition, used by members of the Roman Catholic Church, is to set up a nativity scene in reminiscence for the birth of the savior Jesus Christ. It is ordinarily placed under the Christmas tree and is a symbol and reminder of the special occasion. On the other hand, the secular part of the holiday is also both optional and frequently followed. One main festivity usually consists of exchanging yuletide cards. When sharing theses cards, one’s family may write a holiday message and possibly share a family photo.  Participating in the Christmas holiday can be both religious and optional. It doesn’t matter whichever way one chooses to celebrate the buoyant and joyous season. 


Throughout the whole Christmas season, preparation, shopping, the celebration of the Christmas day and decorating such adornments for the home, are all part of the yuletide holiday. By preparing, one shopped, made lists, and wrapped presents. By celebrating, one may participate in baking a birthday cake, constructing a feast, and going to Mass. To fulfill the Christmas sensation, one decorated a tree, and enhanced the exterior and interior of the home. Through these actions, a joyful Christmas season can result.


from: me
to: Genevieve P
re: Eva,Genevieve, Sam,Kaitlin, and Jeff Christmas Paper

I was thinking about making a nativity scene from used condoms? What do you think?

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