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from: Admissions @ MUH
to: me
subject: fee quote for dr. yang’s rooms

To whom it may concern,

Attached is the estimated fee quote for a hysteroscopy (MBS: 35630).


Admissions @ MUH
Jonathan xxx
Admissions Officer
Macquarie University Hospital
3 Technology Place, Macquarie University NSW 2109 | Locked Bag 2231, North Ryde BC, NSW 1670

T: +61 2 9812 xxxx

Email: |

Macquarie University Hospital is Australia’s first and only private hospital on a University campus. We are committed to delivering superior clinical outcomes and a positive patient experience through the best available care and technology.

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fee quote 35630.docx 118K

from: me
to: Admissions @ MUH

Jonathan –

This price seems a bit high. What can I get for $350?

from: Admissions @ MUH
to: me

Mr xxxx,

Unfortunately, the theatre fees are set and cannot be subject to reduction or discount.
Furthermore, the fee is determined by the particular procedure requested by the doctor/specialist. It would be best to contact Dr Yang or her rooms on how to proceed with the situation.



from: me
to: Admissions @ MUH

What about trade? My new line of koala coats are selling for more than the cost of the procedure.

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